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Sāmoan language basics

This course covers the foundational information that you NEED to know prior to learning Sāmoan. We’ll cover pronunciation, alphabet, numbers, as well as strategies to make learning more effective.

Sāmoan language basics

You can quickly start communicating in Sāmoan using foundational sentences. In this course, we’ll teach you these basics including common phrases, commands, and questions.

Sāmoan language basics

This may be the most critical lesson we create on the Sāmoan language. Verbs are the foundation of language. We’ll show you how to speak about things happening around you with verbs, tenses and prepositions.

If you’re looking for quick, high quality lessons to help you speak Sāmoan, check our our full course library.

Meet the people behind LEARN SAMOAN

Dolly was born and raised in Samoa—Fasito’o-uta in Upolu. Devin grew up in the USA, and learned Samoan while serving a mission in New Zealand. He started learning Samoan in 2004. Devin and Dolly met while attending school in Hawaii. Their son Kalepo was born in 2012. They currently live in the United States, traveling full time in their RV. Watch their adventures on their Youtube channel, The Vā

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